WEIN-impuls, World of Experience: Wine in Essen

Essen, 14 April 2015. All wine gourmets and all people of Nordrhein-Westfalen and the adjacent areas who are interested in wine should make a note of the last week-end in August (28 till 30 August 2015).


At the moment, the organiser of WEIN-impuls GmbH, Essen, is planning and preparing a specific wine world of experience. In central are premium wines, champagne and sparkling wines of German and international origin which want to be discovered, experienced, swapped and bought. The WEIN-impuls trade takes places in Essen at the area of the world cultural heritage Zeche Zollverein.


During three event days, the professional high-class world of experience offers visitors as well as exhibitors an excellent marketplace for wines, sparkling wines and other spirits from all over the world. The organiser expect about 100 participating wineries, specialist dealers and wine wholesalers with a range of products for end-consumers as well as specialised wine dealers, catering services and hotel business. Besides wines and sparkling wines also spirits, sweet and dessert wines as well as delicacies, gourmet food, wine accessories, gifts and products around the well-laid table are part of the offerings.


Experience and get to know wine will be top priority at the wine world of experience in Essen. In addition to the trade, a wide range of seminars with excellent referees speaking about subjects like “Bordeaux”, “Champagne, Cremant and sparkling wine” or “German top wines” offers a great opportunity to get to know the entire variety of wine.


In many cellars hidden treasures lie dormant. The last week-end in August, at the occasion of the wine world of experience in Essen, visitors have the opportunity to let their wines rated. Here you can share information with other wine lovers and exchange and sell your wines at the wine exchange. Furthermore, the organisers, the couple Claudia and Rainer Bierwirth, Gunnar Rickers and Kirk Bauer, all engaged in wine business for decades, have many communicative ideas which can be found at the website www.wein-impuls.de accessible for the public as well as for the specialist branch. Already today, wine lovers and gourmets should make a note of the last week-end in August (28 till 30 August 2015).

…& the most important, don’t forget to submit your registration form (to be found below) to the mail lotte.gabrovits@passionforwine.net & please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information & help.

WEIN-impuls-Ausstelleranmeldung WEIN-impuls-Aussteller-Paket-03-2015 WEIN-impuls-TROPHY-PDF


Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015

For the 22nd time already the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles was held this year in the beautiful region of Veneto, Italy. More than 300 professional judges from all around the globe had to fight 😉 4000 wines from over 50 countries.


The competition turned the spotlight on its 21 appellations, including Valpolicella and Soave, as well as the famous, and currently very popular, Prosecco which gained the new DOCG Prosecco Superiore Congliano Valdobbiadene label in 2010 & one of my favourites I have tasted during my visit to this beautiful region. Great floral hints combined with vibrancy & freshness caused by the elegant integration of its bubbles, long lasting in its finish. But let’s not go deeper into that as you can imagine there was a great amount of wines to be enjoyed.


As taster I was also positively surprised about the broad diversity & wide range of samples we received from all around the world.


Especially to taste them blind & the professional approach to judging in this competition was a unique experience for me as this years’ youngest judge, what I am also proud of, of course ;-). Nevertheless many other wine competitions could take the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles as example of how to organize a wine evaluation event with constant non-influencing conditions.



The side program was amazing, nevertheless some of the jury members decided to take some time of to visit the romantic city of Venice. Lets keep it with that… No further comment on this one… just another pic…. ;_):


The huge surprise reached all of us during the last tasting session the third day. The next venue was announced. And guess what? Its nothing else than the beautiful town of big history & cultural background: Plovdiv in Bulgaria. So we all are looking forward to learn more about this amazingly deep-rooted country with many wine treasures many people do not know about.


To be continued in 2016…


#DWCC – wine in context – my context: baby in wine

Just arrived back home two days ago I am still overwhelmed by those amazing impressions that reached me @ this year’s #DWCC {Digital Wine Communicators Conference} former known as European Wine Bloggers Conference.


For the seventh time already this event has been organized in different parts of the world… some amongst them: Logrono in Spain; Lisbon in Portugal; Brescia in Italy, Vienna in Austria, Izmir in Turkey … & now Montreux, known for it’s famous Wine & Jazz Festival.


The venue this time was the 2m2c (Montreux Music & Convention Centre).


Considering the number of participants an enormous rise can be recognized from a participation number of shy 30 people we had over 300 this year, also reflecting the growing need of digital communications in the world of wine.

…& for the first time ever the hosts were delighted to have a very special guest this time, doing the Grand Tasting of Swiss Wines together with José Voulliamoz, Co-Writer of the book Wine Grapes. It was nothing else than Jancis Robinson.


In her keynote at the Gala dinner she admitted to still not have an iPhone & would feel the burning need of immediately getting one.

In fact this was the same case with me exactly three years ago when I, as the winner of the #EWBC scholarship in 2012 got the chance to be part & get a first sip of how digital communications can help promoting wine & spreading the word around it. Actually to be honest it was a deep jump in ice cold water, but all those #winelovers knowing me, would now turn up with a smile & say: Yep, this is her, she likes ice cold water.


…& shall I tell you something? It’s true. Well… Izmir was the setting those days & it made me start an own blog & share my opinion about several wines I’ve had & tasted or the experiences I’ve had around wine in different parts of the world.

This year’s theme you ask? WINE in CONTEXT

Well my context was EMMA-SOPHIE, my little 16 week old daughter that I brought with me.


Wine & baby does not fit together you say? She must be crazy…

Of course! Of course not!

Well, you might think one or the other, but it is the most natural thing in the world. We have to make sure there will be a next generation that will be eager to learn about wine, no…?


I will point that out next time, in another blog post, I mean the baby thing…

Basically to come to an end of this year’s Montreux #DWCC wine experience I have to say that I was overwhelmed again of how little we human beings know… & having been for the first time of my life in Valais region & having seen all those impressive steep terraced hillsides with the golden autumn colour of those indigenous & other varieties while tasting their wines, such as Chasselas, Petite Arvigne, Heigne, Cornalin, Cayas & many more, I have to add that I am glad to having been part of #DWCC this year again & I am already now curious to know, also speculating @ the same time which next year’s setting will be.


Anyway I raise the glass to a great team of organizers & sponsors who have put together a fantastic well organized #DWCC & thank especially José Vouillamoz, Gabriella & Ryan Opaz, Robert McIntosh & Gilles Besse for being fantastic hosts.

SWEET HILLS, because there is way more to explore about Piemonte…

If we think about Piemonte it is all about Barolo and Barbaresco, right? No! There is way more to explore apart from these terrifically elegant wines.

This time we decided to go for the still unexplored pathways, so our tour brought us to Montferrato, organized by Paul Balke who organized for us journalists, bloggers, and #winelovers these lovely 4 days that he calls passionately the Sweet Hills Tour. Around 10 years ago he came here to write a book about the places and faces of Piemonte that almost nobody knows about and he simply fall in love with this place, so he decided to change his quality of life by moving from the Netherlands to Piemonte.

Canelli, a beautiful city and headquarter of Spumante! This was the first place we were expected to be. It is called the heart of Piemonte.


We were received by Mario Celluti, Vicepresident here at ENOTECA REGIONALE COLLINE DEL MOSCATO D’ASTI E ASTI SPUMANTE one of the 14 Vinotheca from Piemonte.

We had a very nice lecture on the different styles of wines that exist here. Asti Spumante and Moscato d’Asti.

Maybe you have heard about the Methodo Martinotti before? Well it is nothing else than the today well known Charmat Method and the technique has his origins here in the center of Piemonte.

In over 52 munizpials all in Cuneo, Asti and Alexandria over 5000 families work on 10.000ha and an annual production of 90-100 Mio. bottles show the extreme importance to all aspects of life… the economy, territory & social life… it touches everyone.

In the whole economic history the Moscato grape all together with its wines had good and bad moments as well that had a big impact on the whole economy of Piemonte.

Two years ago though it had a fairly good moment with touching its record with an annual production of 106Mio.bottles. The forecast for this year though is 90-100Mio.bottles again. I do not want to go too much into detail, but if you consider the different products, Asti Spumante has a production of 17Mio.bottles and Moscato d’Asti has a production of 25 Mio.bottles.

But do we really know, what is the difference of both of these lovely wine styles?

Well it is easier than it looks like… there are three simple rules that I do want to explain at this moment with some of the key facts that stand behind:

Let us start with Asti Spumante:

To this wine style it is allowed to add sugar and at an alcohol level during fermentation you can stop it by cooling down. Usually the pressure in the bottle at that moment is around 2bars. With the isomeric gas transfer of another tank with the same amount of pressure but filled with CO2 and connected with a micro-filter (0,2microns) in between, the gasation is made in a very mild way.

Moscato d’Asti:

This type of wine is made in a similar way to Asti Spumante, nevertheless it differs in its wine style which is even more gentle, less alcoholic, less sweet and with even lighter body.

Tasting at Colline del Moscato

Boeri Moscato d’Asti  DOCG Pale straw yellow, aromatic, white peach & blossom, honeyed, medium sweet, light body, elegant fresh.
Bocchino giuseppe Moscato d’Asti Canelli Straw yellow colour with golden hints, persistent fine bubbles, very aromatic, ripe fruit, spiciness of sage and orange blossom, full round sweet taste, fresh and elegant acidity.
Anna Ghione Moscato d’Asti Canelli Intense straw yellow colour, aromatic, muscat, orange blossom, fine bubbles, great balance, and honeyed sweetness.
Coppo srl Moscato d’Asti Canelli Straw yellow colour yellow with greenish reflections. Floral nose, ripe white peach and pear. Fresh style, fine bubbles and aromatically balanced.
Bera Vittorio e figli Moscato d’Asti Canelli Straw-yellow colour, aromas of fresh grapes, honey, white flowers and orange blossoms. Rich & sweet, still crisp acidity, well-balanced.
Cascina Castlet Moscato d’Asti pale straw yellow with green hints, delicate bubbles, aromatic, white blossom and fruity, sweet, harmonic acid, low alcohol, rich, intense and long-lasting.
Bera Moscato d’Asti Straw yellow colour, rich muscat aroma, yeastiness and flowers, sweet flavour, harmonic, balanced, delicate perlage and fine finish.
Ca ed Cerutti Moscato d’Asti Straw yellow bright colour with golden hints, elegant nose, aroma of Moscato grapes, delicate bubbles.
Terrabianca Moscato d’Asti Vignot Brilliant colour with elegant perlage, intense, fine, muscat, flowery, abricots.
Marco Bianco Moscato bianco secco Elegant, dry wine, fine perlage, delicate nose, mintiness, white peach, hints of citrus, balance, good structure and sharp acids.
Cerrino Moscato d’Asti Straw yellow, bright colour, intense spicy nose of sage and jasmine, delicate, fresh acidity and rich length.
Ca ed Balos Moscato d’Asti Straw yellow colour, sweet, balancing acidity, delicate bubbles and persistent finish, intense nose of elderflowers, white peach and honeyed muscat flowers.


#winelover hangout & bbq – Ljubljana, 30.08.2013 …2 the bottom of the bottle!


It’s been a long time that I showed up here I know… 

First of all sorry… was busy with some crazy things for my Masters people usually call statistics !

Now I am finally back… and yeah it’s #wineloving time again… not as if it would have stopped during the past few weeks…

Just the opposite…

Well what’s going on, you ask?

A hot summer with cool nights full of new wines of Slovenia to discover, great people and a lot of fun is just waiting of you!

When it is? 

Mark the 30.08.2013 in your calender.

Venue will be Hedonia, a nice place that gives us room for vivid discussions, tastings and great moments.


Meeting point there:

17.00 o’clock

Of course this is not it…

Cause as each of us knows… wine makes us hungry…

Well, no prob… the fresh meat and fish is waiting for you after to be enjoyed freshly grilled on the bbq. 

There you also have the chance to BYOB and do some funny wine games like blind tastings and what ever popps up in you mind… 

Feel free to share with us your ideas.

Its simple!

Join us and register at:


Prices are:

#winelover hangout: 20€

#bbq…2 the bottom of the bottle: 18€ + one wine you wanna present (BYOB)

2 flies in one match: 28€ + one wine you wanna present (BYOB)


Looking forward to meet you there!


Lotte Karolina Gabrovits


#EWBC Digital Wine Communications Conference

It is amazing how life works. It is so unbelievable what kind of opportunities every one of us gets in this digital era we are living right now.


But concerning the world of wine many people still are not able to use social media properly….

It is necessary though to give all those people an advice to get the right direction to spread the word of wine. How can we do that?

Well, to be honest, I never really loved computers BUT the situation right now after this single event opened my eyes, it opened my eyes that there are so many possibilities to share all those experiences and all the information that I get the chance to learn during my studies of viticulture, oenology and wine marketing.

Listening to people that are experts in this digital field really gave me the motivation to start using facebook, twitter and further media…

 #EWBC 2012

The whole event was organized by Gabriella Reynes Opaz, Ryan Opaz, and Roger McIntosh. It was the 5th event with the location in Izmir.



So why did they choose Izmir somebody might ask himself. This has nothing to do with wine… Well in fact this is not true….

The history and origin of the first wines goes back to 5000 years before now and the source was there.

Please also have a glance at this:


People really should be open to new things to get the chance to experience in many fields of their life… this might create totally new perspectives even in the world of wine.

I would never have guessed in my life that Turkey has such interesting wines and its own indigenous varieties and I really can say thank you to the organizers of the #EWBC to having been one of the scholarship winners and taste those amazing wines of Turkey.

I would love to share with you many of those interesting wines that I had the chance to taste but even more I would love to meet you #winelover at the next EWBC.

I am so much looking forward to it and I can’t wait the setting to be announced.

Although I cross my fingers it is going to be in Hungary….

C u at EWBC 2013 #winelover!

written by Lotte Karolina Gabrovits, #winelover

Amazing news: #winelover @ VinCe … …another save the date event!

This seems to be one of the most exiting #winelover years ever.


We have to announce, luckily to many of our #winelover community, that in march we are going to have another VIP #winelover week which can have its final catharsis at VinCe, one of Hungary’s most important and greatest wine events ever…

Many important master classes will be held, with Master of Wines…

You will also get the chance to join some of the wine related workshops and last but not least have the unique opportunity to taste many of Hungary’s best wines.

You should not miss it…

Further we announce the BYOB in Budapest…

As #winelover participant you will get the opportunity to get cheaper entrance to one of Hungaries most interesting Wine Events after  joining us for the #winelover week…

Further detailed information is coming soon!

Looking forward meeting as many of you #winelovers….

Then to purchase your discounted ticket with the special offer just for #winelovers:


1. Click here:


2. Choose the preferred ticket or tickets

3. Fill in your code VinCETEPF225 into „Enter promotional code”, then click “Apply”

4. Click on the orange button at the bottom “Order Now”

5. Fill in your data

6. Click on “Check out with Paypal” to pay for your ticket

Looking forward to meet as many of you people here in Hungary!


Can catering to a community such as #winelover create effective ROI for wineries or generic organisations?


The first #WBIS Wine Business Innovation Summit was announced last year for the date of January 19th 2013 by Marc Roisin, CEO of vinogusto.com. This was the first event ever where people already registered before the date was even puplished and people, wine professionals and consumers as well arrived from all sorts of different countries to join this event.

Nowadays in wine business, especially in a world that almost seems saturated with wine there is a big need of defining ideas that are innovative and pofitable at the same time.


So this event seemed to be the first step in searching the answer for many questions.

The first presentation, I did not wanna miss, since it had the topic:

Can catering to a community such as #winelover create effective ROI for wineries or generic organisations?

Maybe some of you have already heard of the community #winelover. I am also a member of it what made the conference even more interesting.

André Riberinho, CEO of Adegga Winemarket in Portugal, Jan Klein, winemaker from the Mosel wine region in Germany as speakers and Luiz Alberto, CEO of thewinehub.com and MW student as moderator explained how they established the community, who they are and where they could go with what they have already done.

The main aim of this group is to build up a bridge between producers and consumers at the same time. “Wine has a lifestyle option and the basical idea is that this is a group of people who all love wine. This is put together in kind of an umbrella of how people could connect around wine.

These days with the tools we have available it is very easy to start an online discussion and in this way the success story of #winelover started. A facebook group was created on facebook, called #winelover and people were invited who seemed to be interested in joining this community.  And then, last year Vinitaly came and asked if the #winelover group would accept a space at the event for invite people who work with social media. Consumers such as professionals could join. There was Umbria the wine region who had a huge poster that said: Umbria is for #winelovers and that moment changed everything. People are spending money for the way in that the community can help them reach the consumers and gain better visibility.


“It seems like a big party what they are doing and it is…”, André admitted “but there is much more behind it. All sorts of ideas around the world of wine can be shared. Coming from different backgrounds and different countries, having different experiences and working with social media and different technologies make the community very fortunate for companies and wineries at the same time.

“We have a mission, we are an open community anyone can join us, we are cooperate, we talk about the meaning of a subject, we try to do many things online of course we all love wine but this is the main criteria that connects us all despite the fact that we are from different countries and have different challenges in the wine business that we every day run.”

Because of the community people were talking about Umbria and other regions as well. People who were passionate in this and came together and visibility is offered to those wineregions, wineries and companies the members of the community come together in BYOBs by the use of social media, blogposts, tweets videos and many more tools. Visiting wineries, visiting regions, doing hosted tastings with MWs with some of the people we just met online before gives more knowledge to the consumer. #winelover hangouts are very informal dinner where members of the community come together to talk, discuss, taste and share their experiences with other people. Despite the fact that people are having fun together, some of them find new business partners for the future. The community is mostly on facebook in a digital way but real connections are made by the BYOBs and hangouts. Virtual hangouts are going to be organized since we cannot be everywhere. Specially there are people from other countries, ambassadors who organize those events during the time there is a special real hangout somewhere in the world.…


And it is not just about wine. #winelovers also want to learn about the local food, cause it is about the local tradition. “You have to adapt to the local traditions.” And the #WBIS as one example is one of the important ways on connecting locally after connecting globally online.

It was about coming here and understanding the community.

The next upcoming event will be the 1 year anniversary of the #winelover community cobined with celebrating Valentines’ day in Umbria. It is about wine and love. So this way something will be organized that decribes Umbria, by doing tastings, MW classes and also having a wine competition on how the wines match with local food cause this is important.

The #winelover group prefers a program that touches all the segments. The  #winelover umbrella has to be there so people feel comfortable to join.

What can the #winelover bring me? There are many advantages achieved step by step…

“Join just by going online on the facebook group. Interact a little bit. We can work very specifically with very different kinds of wine professionals. Post your wines but interacting is much more interesting for people…so people are getting interested in your region, your wines, tastings…”


The #winelover community builds connections and now people do business together because they met….

In a way working with the #winelover group is a work that helps as channel. It is a kind of an open channel for consumers and producers, a funny nice LinkedIn. It creates opportunities for business. You can find it on several different places online and in real life as wine has a lifestyle option and Marc Roisin correctly said “When you are working online it is not enough, you have to build bridges”

So watch out: The next #winelover hangout and their new webpage as well is coming soon…

So do not forget to sign up if you are a #winelover 😉

March 2013 #winelovers’ hangout budapest

Checking the best place for you!


Before I start to tell you the story of our experiences that we made, I first of all have to tell you the lovely competition we will have in the end…

In the week before VinCe we are planning to have a wine bar marathon in Budapest…

You guys will have to check the settings as well, what means: Yes! Each of those wine bars. Everything in just one single day… and you will give a vote in the end where you would love to have the hangout…

So here we go…

The second place we have checked just for you has been the wine bar called innio…

It was a total incidence we found that place. You ask me why? Well… on a nice sunny day we just had a walk through the downtown of Budapest… and if you still do not know me… I am a person that loves things that are different but still in a positive kind of way… like each one of us #winelover, I guess… 😉

Already the name by its own is so creative, so let me explain: inni means drink, enni, eat and élni, live. The word jó’s meaning is good, so by simple reading the name of this wine bar you get an impression just by listening to the sound of innio.ennio.elnio: drinkwell.eatwell.livewell…


Somehow I like that meaning…

So having entered the setting we could experience a lovely ambience with nice jazzy lounge music that a black guy mixed.

We have been received immediately by one of those elegant looking guys…

Ah, did I mention that it was a good friend of mine working there?

He offered us a table where we had the possibility to even decide if we wanted to sit on comfortable sofas or on one of the chairs.

We could have even sat down at the bar tables if we just came here to have a drink…

But since we want to check everything for you, we decided to also have at least some food as well.

And then? Wow…! The wine list just took my breath for some seconds… 5 continents and over 14countries have been represented with more than 500 years.  I cannot really remember to have seen such a nice wine list, that covers international regions with their wines and Hungarians’ at the same time…

So the plan A was: Let’s have a look at the wine list and each of us takes another wine. Since we have been all together 5 people we could have a nice amount of glasses…

Plan B: Should we maybe trust the sommelier and let him surprise us? Sounds like much more fun so let’s do so.

“Fife different surprise wines you recommend, please!”

So he came up with 5 different bottles of wine, asking me, if I would agree with those to be served. “Perfect! So let’s taste some wine!”


Langlois Sancerre 2011

Sancerre is easily identifiable on the nose. Citrus is the dominant flavor such as freshly cutted lemon. The wine shows only little structure in the mouth and a steelish quite sharp but neutral finish.


Langlois Pouilly Fumé 2010

Pale strawish yellow with green reflections. A fresh and intense aroma of citrus fruits and almonds are combined with a lovely spiciness but a light body though. It is a very nice balanced wine with a rather short finish.


Antoniolo Gattiara 2007

A medium deep colour of ruby promises a nice tasting experience.  Freshly cut flowers, red cherries and spices are on the nose that emerges from this elegant, decent wine.  The tannins and the acidity are lovely balanced and integrated and an ending with a harmonic earthy aftertaste this wine definitely was my favourite of that evening.


Moric Blaufrankisch Reserve 2009

In appearance it shows reflexes of ruby and a bright violet rim. With fine herbs and spices, backed cherry fruit, a hint of licorice and blackberry on the nose the palate is                                                                 very elegant and harmonious, already well developed, with fine acidity, sweet berry fruit on the finish.


Chateau Camensac 2002

Intense colour of ruby with aroma of cassis, some leather, vanilla and cigar. Deeply fruity, with notes of cassis, blackberry and then a large dollop of spice as Camensac usually has. There is even a second wave of black fruit on the finale, it’s very similar in style to a St.Julien.

To be honest I personally was bit of surprised he did not show up with a Hungarian bottle. I do not want to interpret too much, but maybe he thought I already know the Hungarian wines and he wanted to show me something that I probably have not tasted yet.

For food I was the only one ordering a dish. Actually it was a starter called eggplant cream that was served with freshly homemade bread and some rocket leafs for decoration.


Wow…it has been just so fantastic; I mean all my senses shared the joy of this harmonic combination of music, wine, food and lifestyle…

Please let me summarize my impressions shortly:


Well done, innio.ennio.élnio!

written by Lotte Karolina Gabrovits


#valentine’s day is #winelover’s day!

Okey… give us a second…how to start:


The event that comes up on Valentines day 2013 will be a truly special one… so, it would be a real pleasure for us to host many friends of our international #winelover’s community.

Everything started here not even a year ago…

Since then – Valentine’s day 2012 – many people have heard of our mission (which is luckily our passion as well). For those of you who still do not know what it is…we share our love for wine and our thirst for wine knowledge with wine friends and #winelover-s anywhere in the world.

Our community is growing really fast. Not even in our wildest dreams we would have imagined that we would be so known and so big with just a few months of our existence. Almost 6,000 people are already members of our facebook group and we receive dozens of requests everyday from people who want to join us. The group has grown worldwide uniting MWs, MSs, sommeliers, wine professionals, and wine bloggers who want to share their passion.for.wine!

Our dream is to expand this group to any #winelover of the planet. If doesn’t matter if he/she is a wine professional or not. We only hope you are willing to share your wine experiences and that you have the desire to connect with like minded people.

We would like also to use this opportunity to say a big thanks to the people of Umbria and, of course, the city of Terni, where Saint Valentine is buried as well. They came up with the idea of the 1st year’s anniversary and the main event will be hosted there. We are so grateful we will be part of an amazing event. A celebration that is going to be unforgettable in every possible positive way!

We understand that many of us are busy with so many wine events happening, specially, at the first part of the year. But try to find a way… and come join us in to the country of love, the country where the cult of wine, food and life has so much importance. In a way, there’s something unique and magic around these things in Italy. Something that we – #winelovers – could really learn from.

This year there will be many opportunities for new people to join the #winelover’s community… but then again, if you have the opportunity, please come and join us for this big celebration of wine, love and life. 

Please find some highlights of the events planned for February (14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th) in Terni (Umbria, Italy):

                • Master of Wine Masterclass: An Italian blind tasting hosted by MW Patrick Farrell

                • Umbrian wines exibition with about 50 wineries from the region.

                • Umbrian wines Master Class: Our team of professional wine educators will take you on an Umbrian wine discovery journey.

                • Visits to wineries in the gorgeous countryside of Umbria.

                • Visits to some of the amazing towns in Umbria (Assisi, Perugia, etc)

                • Why #winelover?: A seminar/discussion about what a winelover is, about our community, what we stand for and how you can join us online and make new friends

                • #winelover-s as part of your winery market strategy: Here we will delve into the topic of how #winelover-s can be valuable ambassadors of your brand on and off line. 

                • An Umbrian Food and Wine Pairing class hosted by an Italian Sommelier

                • Wine2.0: an overview of the Social Media in today’s wine world. We aim to give you an overview of the online communication tools available today and will touch on how wine review sites can work for #winelovers and wineries alike

                • The Umbrian #winelover’s quizzes: test your knowledge of Umbrian wines and compete to win fabulous #winelover T-shirts and buttons!

                • A mini #winelover vinocamp: We will introduce you to the #vinocamp movement, explain how it started and is working in France and Germany before collecting a few topics for discussion. 

                • A #winelover award competition: Which wine wins the first golden #award in Italy?”





written by Lotte Karolina Gabrovits